New Street Fighter IV Unlockables!

Apr 01, 2008 // s-kill

Straight from Capcom’s official Japanese SFIV blog , it’s a special message from SFIV’s always-charming project manager, Shiozawa-san:

[Secret, Unlock-able Character!] Project Manager: Natsumi Shiozawa Hello everyone! Its been so busy here lately, I’m beginning to become a bit absent-minded here. Today, I am glad to introduce you to a Hidden Character in Street Fighter IV. Actually, I wish I could formally announce this information, but I can’t show that much yet so this will have to suffice… sorry! Feast your eyes on this! This is one Street Fighter IV’s Secret, Unlock-able Characters, Sheng Long! Though… it’s been blacked-out and a little hard to see. (I’m the one who blacked it out.) Basically, you can see his long hair tied-up, his bulging muscles, and what he’s wearing. You get the idea. Looks pretty strong, huh? He should be! After all, Sheng Long is Ryu’s… You’ll have to wait until an official character announcement is made for more information. However, since this I did post this with the title “Secret Unlock-able Characters”, I couldn’t post this without telling you guys something. For now, I’ll give you a hint on the whole “secret unlock-able” part. 1. Select Ryu as your character. 2. Win every round with a perfect until the last boss fight. 3. During the boss fight, perform a Shoryuken… Oops, I’ve said too much! Those who are quick to catch on should be able to do this no problem. However, since the legendary character Sheng Long is about to come out, I won’t get away with this that easily… But, this isn’t the game’s only secret though. From the beginning, Sheng-Long hasn’t been the only planned secret character. As I wrote the other day, the release is approaching its final stretch and I will be bringing you as much new information that I can. What?! There’s going to be a special update?! Don’t miss it!

My votes for possible post-match win quotes would be: a) “Talk to the Hand!” b) “See? You guessed wrong. The peanut was clearly in my other hand! Hahaha!” c) “Stop… Hammer Time!”