New Resident Evil Revelations 2 Images

Dec 02, 2014 // Neil Gortz


If you haven’t watched the New Trailer before now don’t go further until you have.


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A boat traverses the ocean, at its helm a man staring at the island ahead with a pained expression. That man is Barry Burton, advisor for the BSAA anti-bioterrorism organisation.


“Somebody help! My name is Moira Burton…”Moira’s cry for help plays over the tape recorder as Barry heads for the island. Will his daughter miraculously still be OK?


Shortly after reaching the island, Barry meets a little girl. She says her name is Natalia but she can’t remember anything else. Unable to just leave her to fend for herself, Barry takes Natalia with him on his rescue mission.




Barry’s an expert with a lot of combat experience who even made it out of the Mansion Incident alive when he was in S.T.A.R.S.  Since the Raccoon incident he has worked as an adviser for the BSAA.

When his daughter Moira suddenly disappears, he heads out to rescue her by himself.

Barry’s “features”

Anti-bioterrorism expert Barry has excellent shooting and close-quarters combat capabilities. He can use a variety of guns and has a spotlight and survival knife amongst the equipment he’s brought to this dangerous island in order to rescue his daughter. However, even for an expert like Barry this is a dangerous place to be, especially given that he has to protect a little girl at the same time.


A little girl whom Barry meets on the island. She has the ability to see things others cannot. Why is she here and why is she alone? Not even she knows the answers to these questions.

Natalia has next to no combat ability, but she has a strange power that allows her to sense certain things. She will point towards the shadows she sees on the other sides of walls and in blind spots, which could be hidden items or perhaps hidden dangers… Barry is sure to benefit from her curious power.

Natalia’s other “special ability” is using her small frame to get into spaces that full-grown adults can’t. She’ll be able to crawl into small spaces, which could come in handy.