New Monster Hunter Unite Quest Tomorrow

Jul 30, 2009 // Snow

Tomorrow you’ll have a brand new quest to download for free on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Here’s the details on the quest:


Challenge Quest03 – Slay the Plesioth

“The battlefield this time will be the Moat Arena. The prize money is pretty good, so no harm in trying. Huh? Where’s the fine print? Aww, you’ll do fine! You’ll win! …Maybe. Ha ha.”

Monsters: Plesioth

Area: Moat Arena (Day)

Requirements: G Class, HR 7 Or Above Only

Reward: 60000z

There’ll also be some new bonus DLC that includes the Samurai Felyne Armor for your Felyne Fighter! 

And remember, I’ll be hopping on  AdHoc Party  in room G8. Catch me there, and we’ll play this quest and record the footage to post up here on Unity’s blog! See you online.