New Monster Hunter 3 (tri) Japanese Commercials

Jun 10, 2009 // Snow

Monster Hunter 3 (tri) for the Wii is coming out in just a little over a month and a half. Since we’re so close to it’s launch, we’re starting to see tons of advertisement streaming in. There’s three new commercials being aired that show off the new monsters in Tri, including the Kurupekko in the trailer above. Now, to the average person this may seem like a cool trailer, showing some amazing gameplay and graphics (especially for the Wii!), but it also has a bit of japanese hilarity. Well, at least it makes me die laughing. Right at about the nine second mark you hear the Kurupekko chirp. Chirp! Not roar, or screech in a terrifying way. No. He chirps. Anyways, the noise tickles me. And if I watch the trailer and start laughing again about it I may get some glances that question my sanity. 

You can catch this trailer and the other two brand new commercials on the Monster Hunter official site . Enjoy!