New faces joining the Capcom Unity team – Introducing Kellen and Harrison

Nov 11, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

Hey everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce to you two new team members that will be joining the Capcom Unity team; so before you read the next Mega Man or Resident Evil post and think to yourself “who hijacked the Unity blog!?”, please take a quick second and meet the new guys: Kellen and Harrison !

First off, you should know that these guys have actually been working here at Capcom for quite some time now! Kellen, for example, has been helping us out on the customer service front, while Harrison has been assisting with video editing and streaming (mostly) behind the scenes! All that is to say that they kinda know you a little bit already, but here’s a little blurb from each of them so you get to know what they’re all about:

Kellen Haney :

Hey everyone! As Yuri already said up there, I come from the customer service side of things, and while I’ve already been working with this team for quite a while, it’s a real privilege to join the community team here at Capcom. Capcom games have been a big part of my life since childhood, and from the first time I played Ghosts n’ Goblins at the local roller skate rink as a little kid, I knew I was hooked to that unique feel that Capcom games always bring. That’s a story for another time though! I’ve found a lot to love from Capcom over the years, from classics like Forgotten Worlds (which hopefully isn’t a forgotten game ), Mercs, and, of course, Mega Man, to modern masterpieces like Okami, God Hand, Dead Rising, and my personal favorites, the Ace Attorney series. You’ll be seeing a lot more from me in the future, so keep an eye out!

Harrison Young :

Hey guys, wanted to take the time and introduce myself to the people who might not have seen me around yet. I started playing Street Fighter back in ‘09 and played competitively. During that time I also helped run tournaments to grow our local scene at Starbase Arcade in northern California. While I enjoyed competing, being behind the scenes was more of what I wanted to do so I put full focus on producing live events. After running my own events for a while and helping others with their own, I was asked to work at the Street Fighter 25th anniversary tournament. This led to working with Capcom at Capcom Cup and various other events which eventually resulted in joining Capcom officially earlier this year. I’m excited to be helping give you the updates for Resident Evil and other projects. Even though Street Fighter has been so important to me the last few years, Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games off all time and I’m glad to be part of a franchise and company that has always been such a big part of my life!

Of course, you can still expect to see me covering all things Monster Hunter as well as Combofiend and Haunts taking care of all the hot Street Fighter news. One change to note, however, is that GregaMan is actually now directly helping out with development here. So while he may be a little quieter on the blog fronts, he’s still around and now has his hands busy on some really exciting stuff! Rest assured that you will still see him from time to time as I’ll definitely be snatching him away for a live stream or two! 😉

Anyways, bringing Kellen and Harrison to the team is just the first step, so please take a moment to say “hi” and make them feel at home. We actually have some really cool changes coming up on the Unity front for the coming months; so stay tuned. =)