Monster Hunter Wacky Double-Feature

Jul 30, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

Time for a double-feature of Capcom Unity user-created Monster Hunter STUFF!

If you’re up for some Forum Games, Moropa and his crew have got you covered with his latest one: the Loc Lac Grand Prix ! It’s a really interesting Lance Charge race across map zones… with a catch: the courses are filled with Large Barrel Bombs!

And if podcasts and user-created content are your thing, the ongoing Monster Hunter related podcast series  Well-Done Podcast  just came out with episode 15 last week! This time, they actually don’t play a Monster Hunter game; instead, they visit tons of Monster Hunter inspired content created on Little Big Planet 2 . There’s some really creative stuff there!

Check out the full post for the videos, and don’t forget we’re streaming MH3 today !

Loc Lac Grand Prix (check out the complete rule set here … and let me know if this is something you’d like to see on the stream!):

Well-Done Podcast :

Big thanks to Unity members Moropa and Seferia for the tips!