Monster Hunter vs. Donkey Kong fan art

Feb 19, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

Someone’s excited about the new  Donkey Kong and the recently announced  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate … and that someone happens to be a really good artist!

You may remember the artist by his Yoshi/Deviljho fan art piece… or by his screen name: Wyvern Smasher , here on Unity and everywhere else. Anyways, go say hi, congratulate him on his amazing work, etc.

The awesome thing is he uses the Wii U app Art Academy as one of his artistic tools… and makes pretty good use of it – look at that fur!!!

And here’s another treat…

That’s his fan art of one of the new monsters in  MH4U : the Gore Magala !

Thanks Wyvern-Smasher !