Monster Hunter Unite Tutorial: Items and Combining

Jun 10, 2009 // Snow

The latest video tutorial is up to teach you a bit more about Monster Hunter before it hits shelves in a couple weeks. This latest episode, narrated by Gin, has plenty of information for those of you new to the massive world of Monster Hunter’s items and the process of combining them. You’ll find items everywhere in the world. You will get them from gathering, farming, mining, fishing, bug catching, carving, and many more ways. They’re an integral part of playing Monster Hunter, and grasping how each particular item useful in a situation is something that takes a little time to learn. 

Watch the video above for more on the items, but don’t forget to stop by the Encyclopedia Gigantica for even more info. Better still, the demo is out now on the PSN, so go and download it and try using and combining the items on your own.