Monster Hunter Generations introduces 4 Hunting Styles

Apr 14, 2016 // Yuri Araujo

Master 4 distinct Hunting Styles and customize your arsenal like no one else!

As briefly mentioned on our announcement trailer and blog Monster Hunter Generations introduces new ways to hunt, by letting you equip 4 distinct Hunting Styles, in addition to your weapon choice.

Catch our fresh new trailer highlighting this new feature, and a quick breakdown right below:

Aerial Style : “Death from Above” – This style gives every weapon class a short jump, called Aerial Dodge . By connecting this jump with a monster, another player or even a Barrel Bomb L, the player vaults him/herself into the air and can follow that up with devastating Jumping Attacks .

While aerial hit can lead to mounting a monster, also keep in mind this third movement dimension can be used to evade certain grounded attacks and avoid disrupting nearby teammates.

Can equip 1 Hunter Art.

Adept Style : “Deft Punisher” – With this style equipped, hunters gain  Insta-Moves that require precise timing. If your weapon has a heavy shield (Lance, Gunlance, Charge Blade in Sword Mode) your Insta-Move is an  Insta-Block : a quick swing of the shield that, if connects with an incoming attack, gives an opportunity for an immediate follow-up attack. Those sporting any of the other weapon types (or Charge Blade in Axe Mode) gain an Insta-Evade , which features a good number of i-frames and can either set up a powerful follow-up attack or be used to be out of harm’s way.

Can equip 1 Hunter Art.

Guild Style : “Well-honed Tradition” – This style will feel most familiar to those that played  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate , so if you’re looking to test your skills with your favorite weapon, or just and all-around solid set up, Guild Style is for you.

Can equip 2 Hunter Arts.

Striker Style : “Versatile Powerhouse” – In order to truly understand this Hunting Style, one must also understand the all-new Hunter Arts. These special moves build up as you hit monsters and can be unleashed with a single tap on the touch screen panel.

The nature of Hunter Arts can vary drastically from handy tools, like the  Hunters’ Oasis , which sets up a small fountain that heals those neaby; to more powerful weapon-specific abilities, like the Gunlance’s  Blast Dash , which does exactly what it sounds like: uses a blast from the Gunlance to push you forward. It goes really far, fast and can be followed up with an overhead slam – counts a Jumping Attack too!

These were just 2 examples. In the full game, you’ll be able to unlock 10 Hunter Arts that work with every weapon type and 3 weapon-specific Hunter Arts.

Now that we’ve covered Hunter Arts, imagine what kinds of setups you can build if you could equip 3 Hunter Arts… that’s where Striker Style comes in. =)

Monster Hunter Generations will be availabe on the Nintendo 3DS this summer, which is rapidly approaching, so start thinking: which style will you focus on? Or will you attempt to master all 4?