Monster Hunter Freedom Fridays, Now with Streaming

Jun 22, 2012 // GregaMan

Capcom Unity moderator extraordinaire Seferia will be launching her  Monster Hunter Freedom Fridays this evening, starting around 5pm PST. For those who haven’t heard, Freedom Fridays is a weekly hunting get-together where Unity folks and glorious beasts throw down in epic combat in the wilderness. In Monster Hunter.

But now portions of the event will be livestreamed for your viewing pleasure, over on Seferia’s Twitch channel

This week we’re playing Portable 3rd, which, I know I know, is Japan only. But if you’ve got a copy, Seferia’s got all the details on how you can join in on the craziness! The abridged version? Hop into the Japan ad-hoc, S2-03 and look for Unityfolk.

Meanwhile, I know all this talk of imported Monster Hunter games probably has you wondering what’s going on with Monster Hunter in the West? Well, as Sven and Seth have said before, there’s good stuff on the way and “bright future” for the series, and we’ll tell you everything we can when we can.