Monster Hunter Caravan Tour at Phoenix, AZ

Mar 12, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

The Monster Hunter Caravan Tour makes its second stop this Saturday at this  GameStop in Mesa from 11am to 7pm! Keep reading for more details and photos.

Following the first stop at PAX East last weekend, we’re driving this hype-filled caravan all the way down to the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Similarly to PAX, you’ll be able try out the demo or meet up with other local hunters if you already have the game.

But for me, the highlight is always going to be the whole atmosphere inside the Caravan… here’s a sneak peek:

And, of course, we’ll have exclusive merchandise! Love that Rathalos shirt ^^

Again, the Caravan will set up shop on the parking lot of the  GameStop by the Mesa Grand Shopping Center from  11am  until  7pm . Here’s the address/map:

1639 S. Stapley Drive, Mesa, AZ

Tell your friends, and I’ll see you there! 😉