Monster Hunter Caravan and lots of Capcom merch at Anime Expo 2015

Jun 29, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

The Monster Hunter Caravan is headed to Anime Expo  this 4th of July weekend, and with it you can expect a unique MH IRL experience and tons of cool new merchandising! Only thing  I expect from you is: come in cosplay !

Anyways, here’s a list of some of the awesome things you can own:

Since this is the  Monster Hunter Caravan, and you know MH is my jam, let’s start with the MH items:

Brand new series of Felyne Pins! Collect ’em all =)

In case you miss them, here’s Series 1 in a nice little package, a new MH4U logo pin and a FREE lanyard!

All new Melynx head pillow and (back by popular demand) the Meat pillow!

Wide selection of old and new MH shirt designs; all rad!

But as the title of this post indicates, there are lots of merchandise from other Capcom IP. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite robot boy,  Mega Man :

Mini helmet replica collection – btw,  Mega Man Legacy Collection is a thing!

Mega Mugs!

Speaking of mugs, here’s an Okamiden mug:

Okamiden backpack – so cute!

Now onto  Street Fighter :

Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken plushies

A variety of shirts: some very obvious, others quite subtle

And the Shadaloo watch! As a fan of timepieces, definitely WTB!

And this is why I haven’t bought anything yet; can’t decide between the Shadaloo watch and this  Resident Evil  Umbrella watch, below:

Resident Evil  wallets to match your watch…

And belts to match your wallets… and watch!

Like I said, these are just some of the items we’ll have there. Please come by (booth #019b ) and see the full list for yourself. And again, if you own any  Monster Hunter  cosplay, make sure to bring it with you and take a photo in front of the Caravan ! See you there!