MMLC Robot Master List: Yamato Man

Aug 31, 2015 // GregaMan

Number: DWN-048

Weapon:  Yamato Spear

Weakness:  Silver Tomahawk

His light armor makes him especially mobile. He uses a spear to attack, but it’s pretty dumb how he has to go retrieve it.

It was only a matter of time before this Japanese series about robots engaged in deadly battle gave us a robot samurai, but who would’ve thought they’d wait until the end of the series’ NES run?

Yamato Man can be quite intimidating at first glance due to his imposing, armored stature and adept use of his giant, head-launching spear, but the illusion is somewhat dampened by the fact that he must manually retrieve his spearheads after launching them, like an inept putt-putt golfer caught in an endless cycle of repositioning and whiffing.

Use Tomahawk Man’s weapon to send Yamato back to mama -to. Yes. Your reward will be the Yamato Spear.

David Oxford   (The Mega Man Network)
It seems somehow fitting that the final Robot Master in the NES installments of the series would pay tribute to the history of the franchise’s country of origin, Japan.

Really, though, what needs to be said? Yamato Man is a robot samurai with a high-tech looking spear, and is pretty awesome. Less awesome for him, however, is that he only keeps a small amount of ammo on him, forcing him to run around and retrieve spent shots during the course of his battles.

As a competitor in the tournament to crown the world’s strongest robot, it’s funny that his original name — “Musha (Warrior) Man” — would go unused in favor of a term which instead means “great peace.”


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