MMLC Robot Master List: Wind Man

Aug 28, 2015 // GregaMan

Number: DWN-047

Weapon:  Wind Storm

Weakness:  Centaur Flash

A wind-controlling robot with abilities similar to those of Air Man. Get away from his propeller attacks and dodge with straight, vertical jumps.

Wind Man and Air Man would be kindred spirits, were they not soulless robots. Both have industrial-grade fans embedded in their bodies, both have stages located precariously among the clouds, and both are big jerks.

One key difference here, though: Wind Man commands an army of killer pandas. And by “an army,” I mean “a few.”

Wind Man will use his shoulder-mounted jet turbines to generate winds up to 200mph, which can pull Mega Man in for contact damage. He can also launch spinning propellers at Mega Man in a dual-wave pattern that can be tricky to dodge.

Wind Man is susceptible to the space and time-distorting Centaur Flash. Use it to take him out—wait for it—in a flash. Then the Wind Storm weapon is yours. Use it to launch little tornadoes of doom like so:

David Oxford   (The Mega Man Network)
Wind Man is the second Robot Master to be designed by a fan from North America, and much like Knight Man before him, his visual aesthetic and personality kind of betray that.

This hulking robot has a bit of a rivalry with Air Man, but unfortunately for him, his attacks are nowhere near as devastating. In fact, a capable player might even find Wind Man to be a good starting point among the eight Robot Masters of Mega Man 6.

Strangely enough, the weapon you receive from him bears no resemblance to what he uses in battle. While he throws out dual propellers and uses his fans to push or pull Mega Man, the Blue Bomber instead receives a small tornado that moves much like Bubble Lead — and even adorns him in the same colors!