MMLC Robot Master List: Wave Man

Aug 10, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-034

Weapon: Water Wave

Weakness: Charge Kick

A robot made to control sources of drinking water. It’s tough to dodge his jump attack after avoiding a water column.

We’ve now posted blogs on every Robot Master from Mega Man 1~4, highlighting the numerous bosses you’ll encounter as you play through Mega Man Legacy Collection ( out on 8/25! ) Today begins not just a new week, but also a new game – Mega Man 5!

Wave Man kicks off the MM5 list both as the earliest Dr Wily Number ‘bot off the assembly line AND as my usual first boss choice. He’s billed as having better mobility and water tech than Bubble Man , but honestly he’s pretty easy. Avoid his burst of water from the floor, then lightly hop over his harpoon attack (while firing off your own charged buster shot).

Pulling the plug on this guy gets you the Water Wave, which sends a torrent of rushing water across the ground. It comes into play a few times throughout the game so spend some time with it and get a feel for how it works!

Wave Man’s stage also has a couple of fun action / platforming moments, including the speed boat / jet ski portion seen above, and the floating bubble section you may recall from Splash Woman’s stage in Mega Man 9.

More MM5 all week!