MMLC Robot Master List: Spark Man

Jul 27, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-023

Weapon: Spark Shock

Weakness: Shadow Blade

Possesses twice the electrical power of Elec Man . That said, his programming makes him somewhat scatterbrained.

Seemingly designed as an industrial ‘bot destined to replace  Elec Man, Spark Man instead becomes a powerful weapon in Dr Wily’s latest bid to take over the world.

That said… his impressive spec sheet leaves out how all that raw power affects his combat ability. Instead of a nimble, bolt-tossing ninja a la Elec Man, we get a hefty hopping robot that’s taken out fairly easily.

Defeating Spark Man earns you the Spark Shock, which fires a small ball of electricity. I suppose it’s a very dense, powerful burst as opposed to Elec Man’s wide, dispersed beam… but at the end of the day I kinda prefer the Elec Beam ! It has a great crackling, raw-power kind of feel, while the Spark Shock is more of a typical projectile.

Spark Man does have an interesting design though – the spark plug look is distinct and makes it easy to understand his purpose even before you hear his name.