MMLC Robot Master List: Needle Man

Jul 17, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-017

Weapon: Needle Canon

Weakness: Gemini Laser

Equipped with a body like Air Man’s and an advanced form of Metal Man’s movement programming. Gain some distance and fight back.

Needle Man marks the start of Mega Man 3’s robo-roster, which is perfectly timed with our Mega Man 3 key-art reveal, no less .

The MM3 lineup consists of robots built by Dr Light AND Dr Wily, who has apparently learned the error of his ways. But – big surprise – the eight robots turn traitor and start causing a ruckus. Cue Mega Man’s latest adventure!

As for Needle Man, he sports an Air Man-style body and blasts sharp needle bullets all around. He also inherits some of Metal Man’s mobility, so be on your toes!

Mega Man obtains the Needle Cannon after battling Needle Man. It’s a fairly straightforward projectile and honestly not one I use a lot in a given playthrough… but hey, Needle Man must fall!

I did like the additional animation / attack he has where his entire head piece extends outward. It was an unexpected move from a boss who usually leaps around the room, firing from a distance. More MM3 n3xt w33k!