MMLC Robot Master List: Gemini Man

Jul 21, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-019

Weapon: Gemini Laser

Weakness: Search Snake

His weapon is the Gemini Laser, which reacts according to the enemy’s intentions. Watch his movements carefully before attacking.

Up to this point, the purpose behind a given Robot Master was fairly clear. Cut Man chops wood, Air Man creates gusts of wind, Quick Man moves… quickly… and so on. But Gemini Man is potentially the first “…what?” boss that makes you question the thought behind him.

But after a little inspection, it’s actually a cool concept for a battle robot – Gemini Man creates a holographic copy of himself to confuse foes and sneak in a shot of his Gemini Laser.

Speaking of the Gemini Laser, it bounces around the screen in search of a target. If you fire it at a wall, for instance, it’ll bounce off at an angle until it collides with an enemy or eventually fizzles out. Too bad Gemini Man doesn’t give up his holographic powers, huh?

The copying ability is perhaps better conveyed with his updated art – here we see him up front and his duplicate running right behind him.

The slight confusion I felt when seeing him back in 1990 was partly due to his stage. It starts out on a crystalline surface, or maybe lunar surface, but at the very least something that gels with the reflective crystals on Gemini Man’s body. But then you go in deeper and the stage becomes some kind of tadpole-choked breeding ground, complete with robot penguins and dragonflies!

Didn’t question it then, not gonna start now 😛