MMLC Robot Master List: Drill Man

Aug 01, 2015 // GregaMan

Number: DWN-027

Weapon:  Drill Bomb

Weakness:  Dive Missile

Modified from a hole-digging robot originally used at construction sites. His tendency to drill underground is annoying.

How could something as innocent and unassuming as a bipedal, semi-intelligent robot covered in industrial-grade drills go so wrong? I’m sure it seemed like a good idea when it was born from Dr. Cossack’s brain, but the combat modifications forced upon Drill Man by Dr. Wily have turned this drill bot into a  kill bot. 

As noted, Drill Man comes armed with a set of enormous electric drills, which he can use to burrow through the ground and avoid attacks, then pop up under unsuspecting victims and give them the drilling of a lifetime. He also possesses the almighty Drill Bomb, a projectile which drills through targets’ armor before triggering a powerful detonation. Ouch!

Like all drills, however, Drill Man has a weakness: heat-seeking missiles! Use Dive Man’s Dive Missile to make Drill Man take a chill pill, man.