MMLC Robot Master List: Dive Man

Aug 06, 2015 // GregaMan

Number: DWN-031

Weapon:  Dive Missile

Weakness:  Skull Barrier, Dust Crusher

A miniature submarine robot. He mistakenly tends to fire himself towards you like a missile, so maybe ordinary rapid-fire would be better than using the weapon that plays on his weakness?

The water-themed boss is a long-standing tradition in the Mega Man universe, and Dive Man is Mega Man 4’s bid. Looking at his character art, I know what you’re thinking:

“Why does he need a periscope right above his exposed eyeballs?” Also “How does he see through the periscope if there’s no viewfinder?” Mega Man 4 aspires to answer none of these queries, but I am confident you’ll have a fun time regardless. 

Dive Man’s ace in the hole is his Dive Missile, a standard homing missile which will track Mega Man and explode in his face. Defeat Dive Man, however, and the weapon is yours!

With that in mind, Dive Man is actually one of the easier boss fights in the game. He’s actually weak to both the Skull Barrier  and the Dust Crusher, and frankly he’s not that difficult to take on with just the buster thanks to his predictable linear attacks. He will frequently thrust his entire body toward Mega Man, a move allegedly caused by a robotic design defect, and simply jumping over him will put Mega Man in prime position to dish out some serious counter damage. 

David Oxford , The Mega Man Network ( +Robot Master Field Guide )

“Dive Man stands out as a favorite for being the first vehicular-styled Robot Master of the series. Though he doesn’t transform like later models such as Turbo Man or Nitro Man, he still has all the cool features one would expect of a submarine built right in: fins to help guide him as he swims deep beneath the ocean’s surface, a hull-like chest, Dive Missiles which can home in on enemies, and best of all, a little periscope atop his helmet.

“Hmm, we never see if that thing actually works, do we?

“Oh, and his stage features some of the best music in Mega Man 4. Can’t forget that!”