MMLC Robot Master List: Blizzard Man

Aug 20, 2015 // GregaMan

Number: DWN-041

Weapon:  Blizzard Attack

Weakness:  Flame Blast

Originally a monitoring robot at the South Pole, it was modified for combat. Dodge its charge attack by jumping near the center of the arena.

We’re in Mega Man 6 territory now, friends, and that means each of the robot masters we’ll be looking at henceforth were reprogrammed for evil and world domination by the utterly nefarious but totally not suspicious in any other way “Mr. X.” Today let’s look at Blizzard Man.

Blizzard Man perpetuated a tradition of cold-themed bosses which began with Ice Man in the very first game, and would continue well on into the Mega Man X series with the likes of Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus. These bosses are often said to be some of the easiest, and I would venture that Blizzard Man fits right in, from his highly dodgeable attacks to his utterly nonthreatening appearance.

Essentially what we’re dealing with here is a giant snowball on skis. Also, his primary attack is to summon four snowflakes at you. More dangerous is his rolling attack, but this too can be avoided with a little well timed jumping. If you find yourself having trouble, you can use the Flame Blast for an extra leg up.

Defeating Blizzard Man will earn you the deadly Blizzard Attack, allowing Mega Man to summon his own snowflakes. Let the massacre begin.

David Oxford   (The Mega Man Network)
It’s no small secret that Mega Man 6 remains the only game in the series to feature Robot Masters created by fans from North America, thanks to a contest run by Nintendo Power back in the day. Without knowing which ones were the results of the contest, you might be forgiven for thinking that Blizzard Man was one of the pair, thanks to his design which makes him look like he’d be right at home on a Canadian ski resort.

With the appearance of a large robotic snowman with skis and a toque, his design has served him well, leading to him winning three gold medals in the Winter Robot Olympics and serving as an Antarctic observation robot in the off-season (Ice Man says ‘hi,’ by the way). With his wide-reaching Blizzard Attack and rolling body slam, he attempted to become the strongest robot in Mr. X’s competition. With the competition turning out to be a farce, however, he’s gone on to find work as a weather forecaster — a good use of his ability to explain things well. Unfortunately, he has a short temper, so one might imagine that an incorrect prediction might leave others in the studio feeling rather cold.