MM10 leaderboard update – Pump Man PS3

Dec 07, 2013 // Minish Capcom

FINAL ROUND! PS3 players add Capcom_Unity and try to get the best time on Pump Man’s stage to win the  last  MM25 statue in the building!

THIS WEEK: Pump Man, PS3 (Capcom_Unity)

DEADLINE:  Friday, Dec 13 @ 10:00am Pacific

Keep yer eyes peeled for a midweek update on Wednesday – that’s when I’ll post the leaderboards as they look that morning, so you’ll know where you stand. Lagging behind? You’ve still got 48 hours to post a better time!

Please  read the complete rules  (and the  general contest rules ) for further details.

As for last week’s Chill Man 360 challenge…

Another upset! MEGA MAN was in the front on Wednesday but RockMe9amaster pulled through at the last minute. And so, the final 360 MM26 statue is yours!

Congratulations to ALL our winners. This contest has a been a lot of fun and once the whole thing is wrapped up I wanna put together a vid of all the top times. You guys made it interesting with back-and-forth races to the top and it’s been a blast to report on the results.

But yeah – once more, PS3 players! 🙂