Mega Man Legends available now on North American PlayStation Store

Sep 29, 2015 // GregaMan

It came to North American game store shelves in August of 1998. Or perhaps it merely crept up on you at the pawn shop or used book store sometime thereafter. Mega Man Legends?”you reacted, laying eyes upon it for the first time. You noticed his fancy new 3D modeling, his altered dimensions, his new hairdo. “That’s not Mega Man,” perhaps you said. “But I guess I’ll check it out. If I have to.”

That night, you missed your bedtime. You were too busy diggin’ out ruins, junkin’ scrap, buildin’ guns, kickin’ Servbots, kickin’ cans, jettin’ boots, and obliterating some of the most massive and colorful video game bosses you’d ever seen. Such action! Such drama! Such mystery! And all punctuated by the sweet, calming dance of a wise, iron diaper-clad monkey.

And so it was that this rogue deviation from a well-established institution quickly burrowed its way into your heart like the proverbial ruin-digging Digger, becoming one of your most beloved gaming experiences and filling you with optimism for the 3D age. Still, over the years we tend to lose track of our possessions. Perhaps you traded in your copy of Mega Man Legends one day when some hot new title or hardware released. Years later, as new became old again and the timeless classics—Legends among them—naturally floated back to the brim of your consciousness, distinguishing themselves from yesterday’s chaff, perhaps you came to regret that decision. Perhaps you tried to reobtain the game second-hand, only to discover its value had—deservedly, but considerably—appreciated. Perhaps you took the dive and bought it anyway. Perhaps you didn’t.

Either way, may today be seen as a fitting occasion to relive that magic, whether it’s by dusting off your old disc, or by purchasing the game today from its new home on the North American PlayStation Store . Ten bucks, and it works on your PS3 and Vita. Go! Relive! Enjoy! Reminisce! And may it be everything you remembered and more.