Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Blog: An Intro to the Staff

Oct 04, 2010 // jgonzo

Hello again, This is MML3 director Masakazu Eguchi!

Let me start by thanking you all for your flood of comments. The sheer number of comments was unbelievable! But of course, it isn’t just about the numbers. The thought and feeling you put into each post was amazing, and we felt that! Thank you!

The staff here who also follow this blog everyday are excited as well. Even Inafune, joined in the conversation a bit, responding, “You betcha,” to a poster who asked, “Are you really Keiji Inafune?” He’s just cool like that.(I may jump on a thread or two now and then myself.)

From now on I’ll be using this blog to give you detailed updates, so please chime in with your feedback!

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…And so with that said, why don’t I tell you a little bit about myself and the rest of the MML3 staff.

First of all, as it says in profile on the left, I got my first shot at directing my own title with Mega Man Legends 2. Before that, I was working as a planner. I was in charge of things like the Nino Island Ruins, Calinca Ruins, and Pirate Train missions.

I was still a freshman back then, and truth is that there are some things I wanted to do with Legends 2, but didn’t.

Even as I poured myself into the EXE and Star Force projects, I held onto those things and stored them away somewhere in a corner of my heart. This time, as director of Legends 3, inside I am like, “Yesss! It’s time!”

Now, let me tell you who will be working with me to make Legends 3…

First, we have Yoshinori Kawano, director of Legends 1 and Legends 2 who will be overseeing the overall Legends 3 project and offering his unique insight to the rest of the staff into what makes Legends the legend it is. He is as much my spiritual mentor now as he was then, and as strict as he is kind.

Also, we have reunited art directors, planners, designers from the early Legends titles as well as enlisted support from their students, the members EXE and Star Force teams. To top it off, we’ve sprinkles in leaders and key staff from the Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, and Basara titles. I think that it is safe to say that we have put together a team of talent who will best be able to combine the best of both old and new for this project.

We are all going to do our best to bring you a truly unforgettable adventure! We’re working on a plan to get users with no prior experience with Legends interested as well, and we’d love to get your help! But I’ll tell you more about that later.

If I don’t wrap this up soon, I won’t have time to get this blog entry translated and put up on our overseas site. (Real talk)

Talk to you next time! This weekend is NY Comic Con!