Mega Man 7 out now on NA Wii U eShop

Sep 12, 2014 // Minish Capcom

Earlier this year we revealed a huge stash of classic NES/SNES games that were on their way to Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U eShops. One of the most requested was Mega Man 7, which was surprise launched today during their Treehouse Stream !

Released somewhat late in the SNES cycle, Mega Man 7 somewhat slipped through the cracks during its initial release. While us Unity folk know its high points (tons of secrets, useful boss weapons, interactive environments, irresponsibly hard final boss) a great many MM fans didn’t get their first real chance to play until 2004’s collection.

Now, it’s out there for all with a Wii U! And for those keeping track, that means Mega Man 1~7 are all on the Wii U right now, plus X1-X2 (which are on sale ’til 9/18) and Battle Network.

I played through this back in July 2012 after accepting some challenges from The Mega Man Network. It was… quite a stream 😛 But now it looks like the Twitch archives are all gone so… may have to do it again!