Mega Man 10’s Easy Mode, Surprisingly Not That Easy

Jan 13, 2010 // jgonzo

Webcomic site Dueling Analogs posted a video showing off their interpretation of Mega Man 10’s easy mode.

I can confirm that this video is hilarious.

But I also can confirm that easy mode is not that ridiculously easy. A few Mega Man purists have been pretty vocal about their disapproval of the addition of easy mode, but we’ll allow the diehard fans over at the Mega Man Network to allay those fears:

I was also allowed to play through the stage in Easy Mode (which, I’ll pitifully admit, was the only way I could beat the last goal post enemy). Enemy placement differs somewhat here and they move slower and take less damage. The goal post enemy only used its fists in this mode. I was able to easily breeze through the stage in Easy Mode, and I can definitely see it allowing people less familiar with Mega Man games to easily get used to the gameplay.

And from the Dueling Analogs post:

Easy Mode takes the challenge factor out of the game. “But Steve (that’s my name) they just included it to attract a larger audience.” So what!? Look, the people that would have wanted to play this twenty-three year old franchise would have played it by now….also, the inclusion of an Easy Mode might also tempt those who would be willing to overcome the challenge of the game to be swayed to a much more wussified experience.

Personally, if the frustration of normal mode (which is the same difficulty as Mega Man 9) sets in, I wouldn’t object to switching over to easy mode to save some of my sanity. It’s also a great way to introduce your younger family members to the series.

What do you folks think here on Capcom Unity? Are you happy that there’s an easy difficulty setting? Upset? Indifferent? Let us know!