Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration Entry #2: Ian Dimas and R.Case

Mar 31, 2010 // jgonzo

Today’s featured collaboration for the Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration Project is from Capcom Unity members Ian Dimas and R. Case . In their horribly cute piece, we see Roll dolling out medicine for the roboenza that Mega Man and Proto Man seem to have catched. Both Ian and R.Case have contributed to ALL EIGHT robot master contests, which is quite an accomplishment! You can really see the influence of both of the artists in their piece.

Hit the jump to see the evolution of their art over the course of the past two months.

Ian Dimas used humor often in his entries, which always resulted in a really funny piece. He turned serious during Blade Man’s week, and it resulted in an amazing action shot, which, coincidentally, is my favorite piece of his.


R.Case has been using Mega Man Powered Up’s chibi art style as inspiration for a few of the pieces (check out Commando Man, Sheep Man, Nitro Man, and Solar Man below). In other pieces, R.Case’s unique art style made it seem as if R.Case was an actual animator on an official Mega Man cartoon! My favorite of all of R.Case’s pieces  is the amazing Chill Man, which you can see below.