Meet the Captivate Community Attendees: Shockwave

Mar 29, 2011 // jgonzo

Every year for our Captivate event, we hand select five individuals to join us who have done an outstanding job with the Capcom Community: whether it’s via forum moderation, maintaining a fan website, or something else entirely.

Today I’ll be introducing the second of five, none other than moderator extraordinaire, Shockwave !

Shockwave has been a Capcom Unity member since February 2009! Just like Zonic, he is also one of our most trusted and dependable network moderators in our forums. Since he is based out of LA, he also attends a ton of our events so we know that he’s the real deal when it comes to Capcom passion. This is why we have invited him to join us in Miami for CAPTIVATE next week!

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How did you find out about Capcom Unity?

None other than Seth Killian told me about Capcom Unity. I happened to be in Vegas during the weekend of a Street Fighter 4 event and lucky enough to attend. I hadn’t even been a tournament scene guy so when Justin Wong and iloveyoujoe were there, I had to look them up on my phone to see who they were. Seth even pointed out Wong to me when I asked who he was. Eventually Seth brought up Capcom-Unity and the rest is history. Been a Capcomrade ever since!

What do you like about Capcom Unity?

I enjoy the community aspect of Unity. Nobody has the same amount of fan interaction that Capcom has and I think it’s a major draw. In the “Ask Capcom” section, you really are asking Capcom questions and they actually answer back! Also, this is an amazing place to make friends that enjoy the same games you do. I’ve had the honor of also meeting a few members outside of the website and it’s always been a great experience. Great games, great people, that’s what makes Unity so great.

What are your favorite Capcom games?

Street Fighter has always been my addiction. I’ve spent an insane amount of hours battling other in Super Street Fighter 4 and even longer on the forums. The recent title “Ghost Trick” is also pretty awesome and I’d suggest anyone with a DS pick it up. Missile is the best!