Looking back on Mega Man 10

Aug 11, 2017 // Kellen Haney

Hot on the heels of its predecessor, Mega Man 10 continued the retro revolution while introducing a few new gameplay elements and another playable hero to the mix in the form of Bass, Mega Man’s recurring nemesis who’s out to prove he’s the strongest robot around. Mega Man 10 is full of challenging platforming and a memorable cast of Robot Masters, so let’s dive in to what makes it so great!

The revolution continues

The year of 20XX saw an unexpected change in robot behavior due to the effects of “Roboenza,” an illness that earned its name due to flu-like symptoms affecting machines. Mega Man swears to stop the berserk bots but seems to find an unlikely ally in Dr. Wily, of all people. Check out the recap video above for more!

Amazing art from UDON Entertainment

We also have additional art from Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz, who shows all three heroes facing down the Roboenza-infected Robot Master menace:

Click the image to grab it as a wallpaper for your phone or desktop!

It’s not often you see Mega Man without his helmet, but Chamba nails the desperation and willingness for the Blue Bomber to keep fighting even when the chips are down. While he may be outnumbered, he’s flanked by Proto Man and Bass, ready to take out any Robot Masters that might stand in their way. My personal favorite of this piece, though, has to be Sheep Man in the background, calling down a sinister lighting strike. Anyone who’s fought him knows that his fluffy exterior hides some shocking power.

Capcom’s favorite Robot Masters

Mega Man 10 is no exception to the rule when it comes to unique Robot Masters, with a varied cast that tends to bend the rules slightly in terms of how they all fit together – Mega Man Killers included! Read on for some favorites of Capcom staff, and let us know your favorite Robot Master in the comments, too!

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (Producer, Capcom Japan): The combination of Enker’s knight design and his role as a Mega Man Killer really gels well together to me.

Tim Turi (Associate Brand Manager): If you’ve been reading these Robot Master favorites entries, you already know I have a weakness for goofy bosses. From the first moment I learned about Sheep Man I was in love with him. My emotional journey began with “Wait, what the heck?” and ended with “Well, of course, a sheep robot is amazing.”

Like Wood Man or Clown Man, if you’re expecting this odd Robot Master to be a pushover, you’re in for a rude awakening. Sheep Man’s wavering electric blasts (anyone reminded of Elec Man?) and his ability to turn into electrified clouds of wool make him the perfect weaponized sheep robot. And with a new Blade Runner film on the horizon, facing this “electric sheep” feels even cooler.

Patrick Kulikowski (Customer Support Representative): When Solar Man isn’t busy being taken over by Roboenza and attempting to incinerate Mega Man, he seems to be doing the environment a solid in researching sunlight in his lab. Converting solar energy is a beneficial thing; it’s always worth pointing out the initial good that exists in these man-made creations!

From a game design aspect, I love how challenging Solar Man’s fight is. His crenellated parapet of a noggin serves two purposes. Firstly, he charges his fiery Solar Blaze so he can lob it at Mega Man. Secondly, his head can absorb Mega Man’s Mega Buster blasts to further power the Solar Blaze. Mega Man has to strategically time his shots to avoid accidentally assisting his enemy. How cool! Or hot. Your call.

I also credit Solar Man with having one of the coolest stage tunes in Mega Man 10. Composed by Capcom alumnus Yasuaki “Bun Bun” Fujita, the “Solar Inferno” track sounds straight-up like 8-bit thrash metal. Once I heard it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And when I couldn’t get it out of my head, I channeled it into a drum performance .

Kellen Haney (Social Media Specialist):  “Get the Punk Out” is the name of Punk’s stage theme music from Mega Man 10, and I just can’t resist a good pun. Unlike the typical Robot Masters that go hand in hand with Mega Man games, Punk is one of three “Mega Man Killers” that Dr. Wily created for a singular purpose. Go ahead, guess what purpose that is. Just look at the guy – covered in sharp spikes and vicious blades. His main method of attack is to throw his special weapon, the blade-covered Screw Crusher, at his opponents. If that sounds more Metal than Punk, keep in mind that he can curl into a ball and throw himself at Mega Man, too.

Long-time fans might remember that Punk initially showed up in the handheld games Mega Man III and Mega Man V before re-appearing in Mega Man 10. While his signature track was originally a bit slower and more relaxed, the remixed version for Mega Man 10 ups the tempo and has a high-pitched tone that runs through most of the song. Sounds a bit like the lead vocalist, doesn’t it? Maybe Punk should form a band – I hear Splash Woman is a great singer, too.

That’s everything for Mega Man 7 through 10 ! On a personal note, I really hope you’ve all enjoyed reflecting on these games as much as all of us at Capcom have. You, too, can enjoy these classic titles too, with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Keep fighting, Mega Man! For everlasting peace.