Let’s grow together

Jan 08, 2013 // ComboFiend


Hello there Capcom fighting game aficionados, it’s your friendly neighborhood ComboFiend or as I’ve been dubbed recently “CapComboFiend.” Hit the jump to find out more about myself and what I will be doing here.


As some of you may have known, I’m a competitive fighting game player who’s been a part of the fighting game community for the past 12 years, although I’ve been playing Street Fighter since I was tall enough to reach the arcade joysticks. Ever since the first time I played Street Fighter, it’s been a love affair with not only the game but with Capcom as their titles such as Marvel Super Heroes, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 defined much of my adolescence and young adulthood. Even though it was small and very niche, I was always proud to be part of the fighting game community. If anyone ever asked me about my Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 addiction, I would gladly go into detail about the level of thought needed to perform optimally against opponents. To me, it felt like it was a symphony of your hands, eyes, and mind working in harmony to overthrow your opponent, all within 99 seconds. What could top that?

The beauty of playing Capcom fighting games is you see how they bring everyone together regardless age, race, gender, or anything else that may be segregate one another. In the game, all that matters is your ability to win the match and overcome your opponent. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to play in Street Fighter tournaments and everywhere I go I see the same passion exuding from others that exudes from myself; which just further reinforces my love for Street Fighter and Capcom’s other fighting games.

With me now being here at Capcom, I have a chance to do a few things. Firstly, I have the chance to reach more people to tell them about all the awesomeness they might be missing in their lives. Secondly, the chance to increase the number of fighting game players across the world as the more there are, the more challenging it becomes. Thirdly, I have the chance give you guys insight about anything cool that might be happening here at Capcom and also try to reward you guys for continuously playing. And lastly, the chance to be a voice for the fighting community back to Capcom as your opinions are not falling on deaf ears….that and I do enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts.

So join me in helping to make 2013 the biggest year for growth not only for Capcom fighting games, but for the Fighting Game Community as well!