Japanese Dragon’s Dogma Trailer is All Rock-‘n-Roll

Feb 09, 2012 // GregaMan

Those more culturally-minded members of Capcom Unity may be wondering if last week’s new story trailer for Dragon’s Dogma, which was swelling with dignity and mystique–had some sort of Japanese counterpart for the audience overseas. What kind of spin do they put on a game so deeply rooted in Western lore, anyhow?

Well, let me answer that question by presenting you with the Japanese version of that trailer, viewable right here . Note the vast difference in tone, including wailing, modern background music performed by the wildly famous Japanese pop-rock outfit B’z. 

While this might strike Western onlookers as an odd choice, I do feel that it brings out the inherent rock-‘n-roll  lying beneath the surface of Dragon’s Dogma. Can’t wait to start bustin’ goblin heads and setting lizardmen on fire.