Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Qurupeco

Mar 09, 2010 // Snow

Qurupeco : Brute wyverns with unique plumage. Well known for using their thoracic vocal organs to imitate other monsters’ calls, first summoning them, then using the distraction to flee. Spits a dangerous combustible body fluid.

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Since some of you fans already have the demo, I asked you to submit your pro-tips to share for how to fight the Qurupeco. You can read them all below!

Shepard: “Qurupeco’s greatest strength is his ability to sing songs and boost his abilities. For an observant hunter, this is also his greatest weakness! Watch for Qurupeco’s to dance from side-to-side and strike sparks. This is his sign that he’ll start singing soon. When he starts, aim for his song sack! With a strong enough attack, not only will you interrupt his song, you’ll receive the original benefit!”

Jesse Rene: “Use those Dung Bombs – Since The Qurupeco has the ability to call the Great Jaggi and Rathian to its aid, once you see that one of beasts are heading your way pull out the Dung Bombs and toss it at which ever monster the Qurupeco has called. Most of the time this will cause the Great Jaggi or Rathian to leave but dont forget they are still on the map so there is a chance that you may run into them again.”

Foiden: “With the Qurupeco, one of your chief enemies is the clock. This is particularly true for the demo, where you only have 20 minutes to make the kill. 

Oddly enough, this often means the most vile tricks from this monster may not be an attack at all. Sure, it can summon other monsters to the battle, but if the other monster is relatively medium sized or small, you can often still keep your attention on the Qurupeco. Or use the Dung Bomb in hopes that it’ll chase that other creature away. It works, sometimes.

The big thing is that the Qurupeco can heal itself the same way you can take a mega potion. However, with one difference. See this monster does a special dance when it gets ready to possibly heal itself. You may see one of these creature clap it’s claws/wings together, in its attack routine. Normally, it’s preparing itself to do a series of vicious lunging attacks when it does that. However, if you see it dance 3 steps to the side, and then 3 steps the other way, while clapping, it’s likely going to try to power itself (and any nearby creatures) with it. One of these, is healing, and it’ll flash green when it heals. 

The Qurupeco likes to heal most of all, especially as its health gets low. Usually, when it starts side-hopping in that dance, that’s your time to really impact your heavy weapons on it, with the hopes you’ll knock it down, or at least counter it’s healing. For light weapons, like the Sword and Shield, this can be more bothersome because your attacks are likely to not stop the guy from healing. This is usually where your items come in. The Qurupeco is an especially tricky demo mission for light weapons, so items are a must. Get your stuff from the item box, and don’t forget to trap, and use barrel explosives (you can use the throwing knives to trigger the large barrel). Also, those knives can temporarily stun the creature, particularly if you throw 2 or 3 at it, at a time. That may also stop it from healing so much and prolonging the fight.”

Kenny: “As we all know, the Qurupeco can use the sac on his chest to mimic various creatures calls and have them  come to his aid in a tight spot. However, I have discovered that he can also imitated the various horns such as the health flute, demon flute, and armor flute to gain an advantage in battle. While he is trumpeting, hit the sac enough and he will fall to the ground and YOU will gain the ability he was trying to gain for himself. However, he can also use this ability to help monsters he calls into battle as well. Be careful.”

Argroh Valdios: “Qurupecco is quite a trickster at mimicking other monster’s calls.  A good way to nullify those calls would be if ya happen to have a Sonic Bomb or two.  That way, you can continue to fight the Qurupecco without other distractions.”

Aaron: “If you see the Qurupeco singing a song watch out, it will try to heal itself. Try to interupt it, because if you do it will heal you instead!”

Dynemanti: “Roll through his legs when he faces you to avoid attacks that might hit you point blank

Run around him in circles after he claps to avoid his fire claps, try to get behind him after every one, usually 2hits sometimes 3, and hit him when he stops to taunt.

When he flys backwards twice in a row run in because he will be landing soon and it will leave him open to attacks

When he starts dancing with his chest puffed run in and hit it hard, he will start playing a song for either attack power, defense, or healing. Defense(orange sound waves) will make you bounce more often on any monsters in the area, Attack(red waves) will enrage any boss monsters, and Healing(green waves) will give all monsters nearby health back. If you can interrupt him in time you can steal the boost for yourself and cause him to run away and drop a wyvern tear. Good attacks for this include the great sword charge, long sword slashing down, lance up stabs and the slash axe jab and following slash down, slash axe elemental explosion, hammer super pound, hammer spin golfswing finisher(4+ spins and attack) and the hammer tripple pound

Any time he tries to play other notes whail on him (any spot will do) if you can stagger him quick he will not be able to call other monsters to help and may fall over.

Breaking his flints and lowering his stamina will cause him to no longer be able to produce fire.

You can break his beak/horn and the two flints on his wings.

Keeping green sharpness or higher will prevent you from bouncing off his legs or the sides of his wings.

Heavy weapons like great sword, long sword, the hammer(while holding the charge up attack) or slash axe will not be effected by his wind pressure while attacking. Use this to your advantage when he is flying back, landing, or just hovering in place to get in more attacks without being pushed back.”

EJ: “Anyone can memorize a monsters attack-tells and patterns, but it takes a bit more attention to detail to recognize how a monster takes advantage of its environment.

Any novice hunter knows that Qurupeco mimics the cries of other monsters, seeking their aid against you… but these monsters only appear in their respective territories.

Thus, as you chase Qurupeco around the Demo map, know where you are and what creatures to expect will come to your quarrie’s aid:

-Jaggi – Qurupeco will cry for Jaggi and Great Jaggi in Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 5. These all surround and are easily accesible from Zone 6, which appears to be the Jaggi nest.

-Neopteron species (possibly Vespoid?)- In attempts to escape and recuperate, Qurupeco has sometimes taken flight to Zone 10 by the shore, summoning a swarm of 5 or 6 large insectoid monsters. These are mostly just annoying rather than fatal, but harmful nonetheless.

-Melynx – not as civil as Felyne, the black-furred Melynx are known to steal items from hunters… making them an irritating nuisance when Qurupeco calls for them in Zone 8.

-Rathian – In my dozen or so fights with the Qurupeco, only once has it summoned the dreaded Rathian to its aid- an encounter I didn’t survive; Zone 5 is one to be wary of in this case. There have been reports of Rathian being summoned to aid Qurupeco in Zone 8 as well.”

Ilseroth: “Just like every monster that sets you on fire, if you get blasted always roll in near-by water.

If your fighting it and it uses Mimicry to call something, make sure to hit it with a dung bomb (perhaps even two) to force the monster to swap areas. It may even be smart to hit the Qurupeco itself with the dung bomb, if your fighting in an area you dont like anyways.

When using the Fire Blasting manuver, you can roll under the Qurupeco’s arms while he is preparing the blast. This puts you well out of range of the second blast but you do have to be careful of a possible third one.

When using either of it’s Acid spits (from the air or on the ground) it is actually smart to stay on the right and if possible, get in close, the acid can’t hit close to him so getting up on him means you dont have to worry about it, and you may be able to knock him around while he is trying to spit acid.

When dancing, aim for its big red baloon. You may stop him from regenerating his health and even possibly knock him into a running animation which drops a Wyvern’s Tear.

Always be on the watchout for its quick dash manuver. Unlike a lot of the other monsters the Qurupeco doesn’t have any real kind of “warning” before dashing at you. It doesn’t do that much damage but it can knock you over and leave you open to its next attack.

If it summons an enemy, if your feeling plucky, try to get the Qurupeco to attack the summoned friend by accident. If it hits it’s ally enough time the ally will turn on it. You still have to worry about getting hit by the ally. But on the other hand, having a Rathian attacking the Qurupeco can help, even if it doesn’t actually do too much damage.

The Qurupeco’s peck is very unreliable. Stay off slightly to its left and it will totally whiff. this gives you a chance to use the peck as time to drink a potion or sharpen your weapon.

The Qurupeco’s tail whip is  in two fast jolts and is very short range. Like most monster’s dodging underneath the Qurupeco is always an option if you dodge behind the actual atttack on the other side of the Qurupeco. If you cannot do that, dodging away (or backstepping if your weapon ahs the skill) should do the trick just fine as his fan tail is pretty short range.

If your trying to get rid of an ally summoned with Mimicry, don’t leave the area after hitting it (or the Qurupeco) with the dung bomb. It may seem like a smart idea to let the dung bomb works its magic while you rest up (sharpen your weapon, ect) but it seems if there is no active threat to an enemy hit with a dung bomb, they don’t go anywhere. You can break both of the claws on his wings and his beak. Here is a little video of me taking down a Qurupeco www.ustream.tv/recorded/5263769

Taiken: “It has a move where you see it produce some kind of flame and it begins to jump in place. This is a sign of its next attack. As soon as you see this happening, run left or right of it because it will begin to hop and will try to stomp on you. My tip to avoid this attack is to roll left or right. Whatever direction you choose, keep rolling in that direction. If done right, you could avoid all 3 hops and it will leave the Qurupueco vulnerable for a few seconds. In that moment, you could begin to attack or heal up without leaving yourself open. Hope that helps.”

Alessandro: “Qurupeco likes to clap his flints together to creat an explosion while hopping towards the hunter.  It seems when he claps 3 times before his first hop he’ll only make 2 explosive hops, while when he claps 2 times he’ll make 3 explosive hops.  This might be something to keep in mind so that you don’t fret while he’s making his hops towards you.”

SpiderCVIII: “Qurupecco is quite an interesting monster to fight. It can mimic monster cries and has the ability to buff itself and whomever around it by playing a tune. Have sonic bombs ready, because once you’ve dealt enough damage Qurupecco will call for help! If you fail to throw a sonic bomb in time you may have a bigger problem on your hands; a Rathian, and you don’t want to have to deal with a Rathian. Trust me.”

Ana: “I have to say the Qurupeco is one tough…duck. One of the best tips I could give would be: Don’t get damage hungry! Those fire snaps the Qurupeco does hit harder then you think, so when he starts smacking his wings together, take a moment to get behind him. And watch out – the Qurupeco has a tendency of calling creatures to fight at its side, both small and big….”

JosiahB: “Watch out for his mucus attack! It’ll lower your defence, making for a much harder battle then you bargained for. If you do have this happed to you, eat a Armor seed, and you’ll be fine.”

Bradley: “The Qurupeco call sounds like the roar of the monster it is calling so you know which monster is coming. If you want to stop it from calling, throw a sonic bomb at it while it is trying to call a monster.  You can break it’s beak and the flint on it’s wings tips. Watch out for the green goo it spits, it will decrease your armor for a set amount of time. If the Qurupeco starts to make little explosions in front of the it’s self, get ready for it to jump at you. If this move hits you, you will get fire damage. This move can be avoided easily by rolling around the Qurupeco. If you can break the flint on both wings he will be unable to do this move any more.”  

David: “Perhaps the most dangerous trick the Qurupeco has up its sleeve is the ability to summon other monsters to its aid.  Make sure to bring along items that can keep these other monsters at bay, so you can focus on bringing down the Qurupeco.”

DDHurricane: “Beware of the Qurupeco’s Flamming Fist attack, when he start’s to smash his claws together just wait till he tries to attack you and stay to his right side, circling him untill he finishes his attack, than punish him for missing. If he hits you with the Flamming fist it will continue to do damage you so avoid getting hit by it. He tends to do this alot especially when he is really hurt.”

Jonathan: “wat you want to do is get behind the Qurupeco and just start hitting him.when you see him start hitting his fist just get out of there as fast as you can he will do this flaming smash attack thing thats real anoying.if hit roll in the water.”