Introducing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Product Manager, Akihito Kadowaki

Sep 21, 2009 // jgonzo

Hello everyone!

I’m Akihito Kadowaki, a.k.a. “K”, a big big fan of Ai-chan (Yatterman #2).

Since this is the first time I am writing a blog for this project, I would like to first talk about my role in “Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars”.

To explain simply, my job is to support the Producer.

With other projects, I happen to spend a lot of time with Niitsuma-san as well, often from morning until evening.

When we were shooting the video comment for ” Click Theater ” for the TGS special site, I was watching him the whole time!

I know a lot about Niitsuma-san. (You can’t hide anything from me!)


From spending quite a while thinking about what to write in today’s blog, I thought I should write a bit about TGS like Niitsuma-san and Neo_G did.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of approval checks for TvC that are being prepared for the TGS stage such as video related things and stage presentations… etc.
The stage scripts are being checked by R&D as well, so we actually do get to say what we want!

What we always have in mind when we do our jobs is that we always think/hope about how users will react to our games and our marketing activities.

Anyway, everything is going well for now(?) on our part, so please check our TvC stage at the Capcom booth! (Of course, as always, I will be standing beside the stage, watching Niitsuma-san!)

I will be wriitng more blogs every now and then, and will hopefully be able to tell you things that are interesting for everyone.

That’s about it, a quick introduction for today.

P.S. I was hoping to use my self portrait for the picture at the top, but it wasn’t too good or too bad, kind of in between. So unfortunately it was denied and I’m dissappointed… Hopefully there will be a chance to show you, but I don’t know, it might not happen.