Inspiration Behind the Premium Costumes in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Oct 25, 2017 // Andy Wong

All 18 Premium Costumes now available for those on the hunt for a new look! Feel like you’ve seen some of these costumes before? Most of them were directly inspired by decades’ worth of rich history from both Marvel and Capcom. Seen in comic book pages to retro games, we’ve compiled a list of images to show you where the design of each Premium Costume harkens back to.

Captain Marvel (Warbird Costume) – Before she became Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers saved the day as the high-flying Warbird. But even back then, her signature sash was part of her look. The image in the middle is the cover of Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 #1 (March 2006)

Iron Man (Superior Iron Man Costume) – Tony Stark combined the latest technology with genetic material from a symbiote to create this sleek – and superior – Iron Man suit. The image on the right is a variant cover of Superior Iron Man Vol. 1 #1 (January 2015)

Captain America (Gladiator Costume) – Even in an alternate universe with no U.S.A, Steve Rogers still donned red, white and blue to battle countless Hulk opponents.

Hulk (Joe Fixit Costume) – Bruce Banner’s inner demons manifest themselves in many forms, including Joe Fixit – a well-meaning antihero who keeps the streets safe.

Thor (Ultimate Thor Costume) – This alternate timeline version of Thor brandished a different hammer and flashier costume than his mainstream counterpart.

Doctor Strange (Illuminati Costume) – Stephen Strange once joined with other heroes to form The Illuminati, a clandestine group intent on keeping Earth safe from otherworldly threats by any means ncessary.

Hawkeye (Ultimate Hawkeye Costume) – This alternate timeline version of Hawkeye is every bit the marksman as his mainstream counterpart, but also benefits from enhanced vision and other augmentations.

Firebrand (Ultimate Firebrand Costume) – With the power of the six ancient crests, Firebrand transforms into the Ultimate Gargoyle! Firebrand was first seen in this form in Demon’s Crest, the third game he starred in.

Chun-Li (Casual Costume) – The strongest woman in the world still knows how to cut loose! This costume is inspired by the outfit Chun-Li was wearing during her ending in Street Fighter II and the prologue of Street Fighter IV .

Spencer (Gottfried Costume) – From Bionic Commando Rearmed, Gottfried Groeder used stolen information to build his own bionic arm, which made him a thorn in Spencer’s side on several occasions. If Spencer had taken Gottfried’s outfit, it would look something like this!

Nemesis (Tyrant Costume) – Umbrella’s experiments yielded numerous B.O.W. variations, including more than one type of “Tyrant.” Nemesis has traded his signature look for an outfit the Tyrant (T-103) from Resident Evil 2 wore.

Dante (Nephilim Costume) – This costume brings back the alternate-universe version of Dante: a half demon, half angel hybrid from DmC: Devil May Cry known as a “Nephilim.”

Ryu (Wanderer Costume) – No matter the country, world or dimension, there are always streets to walk and foes to meet. Inspired by Ryu’s Battle Costume from Street Fighter V, which has now been labeled as “Hot Ryu” by the community – this time, without a beard.

Chris (Classic Costume) – Today, Chris Redfield is one of the world’s top experts on B.O.W.s, having engaged them in combat around the globe. But even he got his start somewhere, wearing an outfit similar to this. 

Arthur (Fallen Angel Costume) – His armor may lack the sophistication of Zero and X, but Arthur’s many outfits have seen him through countless deadly adventures. This one in particular was first seen in Ultimate Ghosts ’n Goblins.

We hope you learned a little more about the inspiration behind the first batch of Premium Costumes. If you’ve been counting, you probably noticed there’s only 15 of them listed here. That’s because Dormammu, Ghost Rider, and Morrigan’s Premium Costumes are original designs made just for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite! All three are equally stylish and will be part of the series’ history.

If there’s a specific costume that meets your eye, you can purchase it individually for $3.99. Otherwise, there are three different packs that include six Premium Costumes available for $11.99 per pack. If you have decided you want all 18 of these glorious costumes, you can purchase the Premium Costume Pass for $29.99!

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

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