Hot Monster Hunter Bundle in Europe

Jun 09, 2009 // Snow

Europe is getting one heck of a bundle for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The box features a slight redesign of the fantastic cover art, which focuses on what this game is all about: four players hunting epic monsters. If you’ve been wanting to try out monster hunter, and don’t have a PSP, this is the bundle for you. Aside from the extra swag inside, it has the basics you need to get started with your hunting. Namely, a PSP and a copy of the game. 

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has a few really cool features that utilize the PSP to it’s best. Great graphics, four player co-op multiplayer over Ad-Hoc (which you can play online over the interwebs with a PS3 or PC ), and even the option to do a partial install of the game to reduce load times. Overall, this is the best version of Monster Hunter you can get. 

The bundle has a branded gold case, a pendant, a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and of course a PSP 3000 in Mystic Silver. Look for it in Europe, or, if you’re like me, you’ll be looking for a cheap place that imports.