Hey, Capcom Unity! I’m Andy.

Sep 12, 2017 // Andy Wong


I’m Andy, your newest Sr. Social Media Specialist as part of the community team here at Capcom! I’ll be working primarily on the fighting brands here, including Street Fighter V and other marvelous titles . I’m a huge fighting game and esports fan, which means I’m probably lurking in the same tournament streams as you are – I could have even been sitting next to you at Capcom Cup! I’m excited to be here and can’t wait to be a part of all the fighting game activities.   

(Here’s a picture of Ono-san signing my badge at PSX before I started working here.)

The first video game I ever played was Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo where I “mained” Chun-Li by spamming her kick buttons and getting away with it – forgive me, I was around five or six years old. Ever since then, I’ve picked up many a fighting game and learned to only button mash when I want to confuse the other player. I currently main Nash in Street Fighter V and prefer zoning in fighting games.

I mostly play Capcom’s fighting games, but have also delved into Mega Man, Onimusha, Dragon’s Dogma, and um… watching Resident Evil. I have Resident Evil 7 and PlayStation VR, but barely made it through just watching someone play two hours of it. Someday, I’ll get the courage to play it, but today is not that day.

Video games aside, my other obsession is music. I try to go to at least one concert a month even if I have no initial interest in the headliner. I grew up playing classical piano and taught myself guitar later in life. Yes, I love playing video game music Cool .

Nice to meet everyone. See you on stream and hope to talk to you soon!

–          Andy Wong ( @StrumSlinger )