Here, have a Street Fighter animated GIF for your Twitter avatar

Aug 27, 2012 // Chris

THIS. IS. THE WEEK ! Street Fighter turns a quarter of a century old this Thursday, so we thought we’d kick off Unity’s weeklong celebration with a couple of items you can enjoy throughout this great interweb of ours [ UPDATED 8/28 with more fan requests! ]

Right Click and Save As, friends!

Assuming you’re as excited as we are to ring in 25 years of Fightin’ in the Streets, we’ve cobbled together a couple of animated avatar icons you can use to show some World Warrior love. They’re fully optimized specifically for teh Twitterz ( see how mine looks! ) but we imagine they can live on elsewhere too. Your IM icon, Myspace page, your eHarmony profile, etc. You know, the important places.

Feel free to drop a request in the comments below, and we’ll whip one up for you if we’ve got the time. All we ask is that if you feel like showing Street Fighter a little love on its 25th B-Day in Tweet form, drop in the hashtag #SF25 . Nothing would make us happier than see a Twitter feed choked with a sea of looping Street Fighter animations.

Click here to see the whole dang Gallery

UPDATED! With requests from Russel and Rammstein:

As requested by Maxemillian and E.B., here’s Bison and Sakura!

By popular demand, Honda headbutt and a very sad Dan!

Because you demanded it, Cammy’s win pose and some specifically requested SFIII representation!

Ken and Ryu get friendly, and finally some Akuma love!

Keep checking the Gallery for more fan requests!