Help Mega Ran’s Japan Tour, get Blu ray documentary

Jun 13, 2013 // Minish Capcom

As a big big BIG fan of game music in all its forms, I’d like to give Mega Ran’s new Kickstarter project a quick shout out. Head over to the page for full details!

The tl;dr version is, he’s going on tour in Japan later this month, performing alongside musicians responsible for such AMAZING soundtracks as Streets of Rage 3, Street Fighter IV and Ape Escape. For a small donation, (goal of $10k), they’ll turn around a lovely documentary of the trip plus copies of their albums. From the site:

  • A Mega Ran Remix album with songs re-imagined by chiptune artists
  • A Blu-Ray disc featuring concert and interview footage
  • Custom cover songs and freestyle shootouts for our supporters
  • Limited edition music albums exclusive to Japan
  • Tickets to special events in Tokyo
  • AND STRETCH GOALS including new collaborations,  vinyl,  special limited releases, first looks at my other monthly releases and making-of featurettes with prominent indie game creators

They do good work so check it out!