Hands on With Mega Man 10 at CES

Jan 14, 2010 // jgonzo

Several outlets got their hands on with Mega Man 10 during CES at our suite in Las Vegas. Gamespot and IGN both featured detailed previews which you can find here and here . IGN has also posted up 2 videos (one which is embedded above, and the other embedded after the break).

IGN’s preview focuses more on the game’s new easy mode:

Not only does easy mode help out with platforming by covering spikes, but it also affects enemy placement and firing patterns. In one situation, you must time dropping off a ladder to avoid a robot crawling below. That robot is gone in easy mode. Another enemy throws balls at you in a wave pattern. In easy mode, the wave is wider, giving you more space to find sanctuary. Easy mode will surely offend the purists, but for a player that just loves the general spirit of Mega Man and wants to see all of the themed robot masters, having a little crutch is a lifesaver.

Gamespot’s impressions were favorable:

The demo made a good impression on us thanks to its familiar visuals and responsive gameplay. Fans of the series should be excited to get their hands on Mega Man 10, while newcomers might want to give the game a shot in easy mode, which helps soften the game’s high difficulty–although the game still won’t be a cakewalk.