Hammerheads HQ – Modules and Suit Cutomization

Jun 01, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Dinosaur forecasts are looking clear for now, but it looks like severe raptor swarms are heading this way in July. Please prepare accordingly!  

Back to the present, in this post we’ll be delving into one of the elements of Exoprimal’s Exosuit customization system, Modules! We’ve got some new info to share around how the system works, as well as some examples of suit specific modules that can alter the performance of your Exosuit in interesting ways to better enhance your preferred play style.

On top of covering off on these aspects of customization, we also spoke to Exoprimal’s Director Takura Hiraoaka, who was gracious enough to take a moment to talk about how they apply modules their favorite Exosuit, Nimbus.

Customizing Your Exosuit – Modules
Exosuit customization in Exoprimal comes in two forms: Fashion, and function. On the fashion side, you’ll be able to change the appearance of your loadout with a range of decals, weapon skins, suit skins, and charms to project your identity in the wargames. On the function side of things, you can tune up and augment your Exosuit via the Module system to give it passive buffs and / or modify the performance of the suit’s abilities in interesting ways to fully embrace your play style.

You can see how this looks in-game below:

At a glance, you’ll notice a few different points to focus on here, including the three available module slots and a range of different modules to choose from, all shown at level 1.

Types of Modules
In Exoprimal, the types of modules you can slot into your Exosuits come in two different types. “Base modules”, colored grey, can be slotted into any module slot on any Exosuit. Exosuit-specific modules, colored red, blue and yellow, are suit-specific sets.

Let’s delve into these modules some more!

Base Modules
Base modules are the foundations on which you can augment your Exosuits, granting passive buffs in combat.

There’s a range of different types that you can slot in to fit your preferences, with the Reload Efficiency Module being highlighted in the above image. Unsurprisingly, this will boost your reload speed by 15% at level 1.

Notice how it’s level 1? You can level up modules to increase the potency of their effect, and in some cases even add new functionality to them! This is done by spending BikCoins on them, the game’s soft currency, which is earned by simply playing the game! (BikCoins can’t be purchased separately via microtransactions, etc.)

Once you settle on the modules you like, you can upgrade them for even more efficiency against the dino swarms, or branch out into different modules to try different play styles.

Suit Specific Modules
Suit-specific modules differ from their base counterparts in that each Exosuit has their own exclusive set of 6 modules that can only be used for that suit – 2 red, 2 blue and 2 yellow.

Red modules can go into slot 1, blue in 2 and yellow in 3. That means you’ll have some tactical decisions to make as you can only use a maximum of 3 out of the total 6, as well as one module from each pair.

These modules offer interesting and powerful augments to your Exosuit’s abilities, and can change their passive performance. This can directly alter how your Exosuit behaves, and allow you to further specialize your suit with the modules you prefer. Take another look at the image above to see just one of Deadeye’s exclusive modules if you missed it before.

Much like base modules, these can be leveled up with BikCoins to further enhance their effectiveness and, in some cases, add new utility.

Unlocking Modules
Unlocking modules in Exoprimal is achieved by earning EXP for using a suit in combat. Alongside increasing your player level, your individual Exosuit levels will also rise as you play.

Increasing your player level will allow you to gradually unlock the base modules, whereas leveling up your favorite Exosuits will earn their suit-specific modules. This will reward your experience and mastery of your suits this way, so you’ll be in a great position to experiment and make the best use of these augments in the wargames.

A Message from Director Hiraoaka – Favourite Exosuit Loadout
Ahead of today’s post, we spoke to Exoprimal’s Director, Takura Hiraoaka, about their favourite Exosuit, as well as how they use the Module system for maximum impact!

Prepare for Director Briefing…

Mr. Hiraoka’s Favourite Exosuit: Nimbus

Reason: “Using Nimbus’s holo-warp teleporting ability to move around the map while switching between attacking and healing is great fun. The suit is also just really cute (LOL).”

Preferred Loadout
Slot 1: Regeneration Module
Slot 2: N-Amped Spread
Slot 3: N-Quick Holo
Rig: Catapult

There you have it! An Exosuit loadout example straight from the Director’s personal collection! We even got a closer look at two more suit specific modules and how they can augment your abilities – and that’s with just one example using two out of the possible six unique modules available to Nimbus alone!

Stand by for Combat Mission
That wraps up our second Hammerheads HQ post!
We hope you enjoyed learning more about how you’ll be able to customize your Exosuits for battle to best suit your play style, as well as getting a look at how Director Hiraoaka likes to build his favorite Exosuit! (Support-minded Exofighters, feel free to take some inspiration from this for your own use in the wargames.)

Stay tuned for our next community post, but in the meantime, follow Exoprimal on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest Exoprimal news. Thanks, Exofighters!