Game of the Day raffles: Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2 OTR for PC

Mar 14, 2013 // GregaMan

Big apologies to those who were eagerly awaiting a raffle all day yesterday and didn’t get one–we must have angered the internet deity with all those “Gregon’s Blogma” puns. 

Whatever the case, we’ve got TWO raffles for you today to make up for it. First is  Dead Rising 2 , the fun-filled, bucket-drilled follow-up to the original feel-good zombie classic. Hyphen.

Second is the follow-up to  that,  Dead Rising 2: Off the Record,  which reimagines the scenario of DR2 with series darling Frank West back in the starring role, complete with photography metagame and far, far too many banana hammocks. 

Feel free to bid on both games, but remember, you can only win one. Tickets are the usual 300 Unity Points each. Don’t know how to bid? LOOK HERE .