Game Informer wrestles with Darkwing Duck

Jan 22, 2013 // Chris

And as a special guest, they’ve brought along a hilarious comedian/former wrestler and governor…

James Adomian: An amazing comic/improviser known for playing hilarious characters on comedy podcasts like Comedy Bang-Bang. Game Informer : One of the most recognizable names in the gaming press, known to host kickass Replays of old Capcom games . Darkwing Duck: St. Canard’s terror that flaps in the night and star of an NES game that still stands as one of the greatest of several stellar collaborations between Capcom and The Disney Afternoon. Combine them all together and you’ve got an absolutely fantastic way to while away half an hour.

Adomian is well known for his Jesse “The Body [The Mind]” Ventura impersonation, so thank the stars and heavens, the former Minnesota Governor/WWF Superstar/Star of Running Man drops by the Game Informer offices to talk age-old NES conspiracies! Seriously, this is really funny stuff and it looks as if Mr. Adomian can add “knowing an absurd amount about Darkwing Duck” to his long list of talents.