Fun with “Best of Unity”

Aug 18, 2008 // s-kill

Red Virtue and the Capcom Cosplay group have a fun thread compiling a bunch of Chun Li cosplayers! They’re up to a bunch of things but check out the Chun thread here .

–The invincible Random is back with a great gift to Mega Man fans. If you haven’t heard his ” Mega Ran ” album, check it out IMMEDIATELY, then click here for some new instrumental mixes!

BTHR ZERO X has cooked up some sharp looking new wallpapers for our latest smash hit, Bionic Commando: Rearmed (out now for XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and PC)! Super Joe has my heart but there are plenty more to be found here!

Maximilian has a nice piece with lots of videos on his time at the first US arcade to get SFIV . Despite some zaniness (no HD screen?!), it’s a great breakdown on the feel of excitement and his ridiculous win streak!