Frank’s Files: Stacey Forsythe

Sep 27, 2016 // Jeffery Simspon

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dead Rising franchise , and the release of Dead Rising , Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on PS4, Xbox one and Steam we are taking a look at some of the characters who play a major role in the early games in the Dead Rising series with “Frank’s Files”.

This week we look at Dead Rising 2 ‘s Stacey Forsythe.

  • Name: Stacey Forsythe
  • Job: Zombie rights activist and head of Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (C.U.R.E.)
  • First Appearance: Dead Rising 2  (2010)
  • Appears In: Dead Rising 2  (2010), Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (2011)
  • Abilities: Compassionate and politically capable Stacey is driven by a deep empathy for others. She is able to care for Katey when Chuck Greene must leave his daughter to investigate the Fortune City outbreak.

Driven by the loss of her sister to the zombie infection Stacey Forsythe wants to protect all those who have been infected by the zombie plague, even those who have turned. Seeing zombies not as flesh eating monsters, but rather as former humans like her own sister who are simply sick with a disease she wants to keep them from being used as props in the TV show Terror is Reality. Rather than slaughtering zombies she wants the government to make the zombie cure Zombrex more available across America. She is in Fortune City protesting the Terror is Reality event that Chuck Greene takes place in prior to the Fortune City outbreak.

She is evacuated to the emergency bunker once the outbreak starts, meeting Chuck and his daughter Katey. Her compassion for others makes her agree to not only help Chuck and Katey but to keep Katey’s infection secret from the others least the father and daughter be expelled from the safety of the bunker. Her interest in helping Chuck reveal the truth behind the outbreak increases when C.U.R.E. is blamed.