Fightin’ Words?

Apr 02, 2008 // s-kill

A dramatic battle of corporate strategy could be developing over at the MTV Multiplayer blog . Or not? Read up for the full story , but it seems Jeff Karp, EA’s head of North American publishing, has some different ideas about product longevity than those recently voiced by Capcom’s Christian Svensson in his own recent interview on the Multiplayer blog (which he expanded on here ). Exciting snippets include:

“A good chunk of EA‒s business is annualized franchises and expanded content.”

Cue the dramatic music! And this one:

“With Spore, EA already has plans internally to develop new content for at least 10 years.”

Maybe that’s a different strategy, or maybe a 10-year development time requires a 10-year recoupment plan? *Zing*! Obviously EA are masters of successful franchising, and any way you slice it this is great reading for gamebiz nerds everywhere. Check it out .