Fan Requested Improvements Coming to Dead Rising 4

Sep 28, 2017 // Jeffery Simspon

The fans have always been an important part of the Dead Rising series. From video Let’s Plays, to cosplayers becoming Frank West, to the players who share all of their feedback, our fans are a big part of what makes working on the series so much fun. All fans have things they’d like to see improved in their favorite games and we’ve been listening to our loyal Dead Rising fan base and have been making improvements to Dead Rising 4 that will result in the game being even better than before.

One important example was with the difficulty level of the game. The Dead Rising series is associated with a high degree of difficulty and many players felt that we let up on that a little too much in Dead Rising 4. Listening to that feedback, the development team at Capcom Vancouver added two harder difficulty modes as a free update to the game the month after launch.

As we began work on the upcoming release of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package for the PlayStation 4, our team took a look at some of the other reoccurring feedback from our players and got to work. We’re happy to share many of the new improvements that Dead Rising 4 players can look forward to.

Human Enemy Improvements

Maniacs are human enemies that Frank encounters during the course of his investigation into what’s happening in Willamette. The development team has spent time making these encounters feel more meaningful and rewarding. Maniacs will have new weapons that suit their character and Frank’s reward for defeating a Maniac will be wielding the new weapon. The AI that drives the Maniacs is also being improved to provide players with an even greater challenge.

Some of the Maniacs will also have new Maniac Minions who will attack Frank, making these fights more difficult. Human enemy AI is being improved for all types, making them better at using cover, blocking attacks with shields, and countering players who might rely on a single attack.

Distress Calls

While Dead Rising 4 always had human survivors in need of Frank West’s help, the development team is adding six memorable side missions that we’re calling Distress Calls. During Frank’s time in Willamette, he will have the opportunity to answer these Distress Calls and aid a survivor in a newly scripted mission, carrying out a quest for the survivor. Once he’s accomplished the assigned task, Frank will have to protect the survivor from the zombie hordes as they make their way to a safe location.

Each of these six all-new Distress Call missions will give players a unique variation on one of Frank’s outfits as a reward.


The team is also looking at additional ways to improve the overall gameplay experience. These include improved controller responsiveness, faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more.

All owners of Dead Rising 4 will be receiving these gameplay improvements for free on December 5 th along with the new game mode, Capcom Heroes. Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 5 th and will be including these updates, Capcom Heroes and all previously released game content. It’s an update that’s not only going to give you something new to play in Dead Rising 4, but will also improve your experience playing it.

We are exceptionally grateful for all of the support and feedback that our fans have given us since Dead Rising 4 released, and throughout more than a decade zombie smashing action. So grab an orange juice and a Blambow and keep it coming!