EVO 2009: prizes for TvC and MvC2 competitions!

Jul 14, 2009 // Kramez

Capcom is sponsoring EVO 2009 this year, which means that a truckload of us — myself, Gerald, Wes, Brian, Marcos, Randy and, of course, Seth — will be heading out to Vegas on Thursday to set up our display area (can’t really call it a “booth”) to prep for the onslaught of the hardest of hardcore North American fighting champions. We’re going to be showing off Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All-Stars, Marvel VS Capcom 2 and FATE Unlimited Codes while we’re there, and running some fun competitions on TvC and MvC2 . Hit the jump to get the details and see all the juicy goods!

The majority of EVO attendees are going to be totally focused on their individual matches or watching other important competitions, but we’re going to be offering two skill-based competitions that should bring out some serious competitive spirit.

We’ve spoken about our love for the crazy factor in Tatsunoko VS Capcom on many occasions, and will continue to do so right up until and after the game finally comes out here in the US. One of our favorite elements of the game is the fact that damage is recorded in the billions. Yeah, that’s right, with a “B.” To celebrate this utterly ridiculous amount of hurt, the TvC competition will be Biggest Single Damage Combo. Entrants will have three minutes in practice mode to try to crank out the largest damage combo they can with any character of their choice vs. practice AI set to auto-block with Super meters set to infinite. In case of a tie, the finalists will have 30 seconds to record their follow-up combos. Scores will be posted on a white board and any EVO attendees will be welcome to try their hand.

The winner will receive a totally awesome prize package that we’ve put together here, including:

Cassahn Robot Hunter DVD

Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 DVD

Tatsunoko VS Capcom Japanese t-shirt!

Complete set of Tatsunoko Action Figure Collection Ver. 2 with all six characters

Frankly, I wish I was good enough to enter my own competition, as these Tatsunoko figures are cool. They’re about three inches high, come in really colorful packaging and each figure is accompanied by a super-deformed minifigure. The six character pack contains Ken Washio the Eagle, Casshan, Polymar, and the Doronbo gang from Yatterman: sexy Doronjo, mustachioed Boyacky and tubby Tonzra. Supercool is the only way to describe the entire set.

Competition will be fierce on the Marvel side, as well. We’re going to be recording Highest Hit Combos on MvC2 , in much the same way. People go on and on about infinite combos in the game — now’s your chance to put said infinites to work for you. Entrants can pick their favorite character (I’m predicting a lot of Spider-Man action already) and go to town for three minutes.

The MvC2 Combo winner will score a set of four Marvel Comics Essential collections and MvC2 for platform of their choice once the game is released. We have Essential Marvel Team-Ups Vol. 1 and 2 , Essential Super-Villain Team-Up Vol. 1 and Essential Wolverine Vol. 1 (’cause everyone loves Wolverine).

The Marvel books are impressive; all together, they represent about six inches of Bang! Biff! Pow! as you can see in the picture.

Winners awarded prizes on Sunday afternoon (except for MvC2 code, which we’ll have to follow up on after the game is released on XBLA on July 29).