E3 2021: Monster Hunter Stories 2 gets a new trailer, Trial Version and free update details

Jun 14, 2021 // Yuri Araujo

The Capcom showcase at E3 2021 brought us exciting updates on our latest games selection (for the full debrief, check out the Capcom E3 recap blog) as well as much anticipated news on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, including the announcement of our “Trial Version” demo and the first free title update! Keep on reading to get the full scoop:

New Trailer

If you’ve been keeping up with our trailers, you can piece together where some of the characters stand in the story… but we’ve still raised some key questions for you to uncover in the full game.

Ena tells us a bit more about Red (your character’s grandfather) and the legend of the “Wings of Ruin”, while everyone is getting more and more concerned about the strange appearance of the Rage-Rays everywhere. Meanwhile, Kyle, bringing in the perspective of a young Hunter, questions how someone could place their trust in a monster he thinks is only capable of destruction. Hopefully the bonds between Riders and monsters can help you overcome all the looming questions without answers for now…

You can catch up on all our Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailers, including this latest one, in our YouTube playlist:

Trial Version

Feeling ready to dive in and start your journey as a Rider? We’ve got good news on that front too: a “Trial Version” demo for Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be available for Nintendo Switch next week, on June 25th!

You’ll be able to create your character, get introduced to the world and story, befriend and raise some Monsties, and best of all, eventually transfer all your progress to the full game at launch.

The Trial Version will also be available on Steam on July 9th, alongside the release of the full game.

Monster Hunter Rise Crossovers

Coming up in just a few days, a new Event Quest will be dropping into Monster Hunter Rise as the first of our “Capcom Collab” series. Tsukino, from MH Stories 2, will be pouncing into action as a Layered Armor set for your own Palico on June 17th. Of course, you’ll have to clear a special Event Quest first, so gear up and take your best Palico with you.

The crossovers between MH Rise and MH Stories 2 don’t end there. Looking a little farther into the future, we also revealed the first free title update for MH Stories 2. The trusty Palamute that stole our hearts in MH Rise will join your party as a Monstie on July 15th! Naturally, you’ll be able to ride your Canyne companion to traverse vast fields in no time, and take it into battle with some flashy moves. Palamutes are now a Rider’s best friend too!

As a friendly reminder, if you have save data from both MH Rise and MH Stories 2, you’ll get some crossover goodies as well. In MH Rise, you’ll get Layered Armor fashioned after the “Rider” Armor from MH Stories 2. And in MH Stories 2, you’ll get the “Kamura Garb” Layered Armor from MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch, and just had a big update recently (Version 3.0), adding Crimson Glow Valstrax, Apex Zinogre and a new ending to the story! And Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be available for Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 9th.

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