E3 2011: Devil May Cry Movie on the way

Jun 07, 2011 // Snow

It’s even more official! We’re making a Devil May Cry movie!
Capcom Co., Ltd. and Screen Gems have announced that Screen Gems will develop a live action feature film entitled “Devil May Cry” which will be based on the newest introduced video game in the series titled “DmC Devil May Cry”.“Devil May Cry” is popular stylish action games series known for its unique characters and smooth controls. The games have been a huge success selling over 10 million copies around the world. This success has led to the creation of comic books, an anime series and action figures all based on the game. Additionally the series latest game title “DmC Devil May Cry” is now being developed as a feature film.The film adaptation will be written by Kyle Ward who has written the screenplays for several upcoming projects including “HIT MAN 2” and “KANE AND LYNCH”.