DSR Question and Answer with Ayano-San

Mar 23, 2013 // ComboFiend

Just because Darkstalkers is out already, that doesn’t mean that producer Tomoaki Ayano has stopped answering fans questions. Recently coming off an DSR all night play session a few nights ago, Ayano took time to address how to use the Youtube upload function as well as set the training dummy properly. You can find more below.

Hi everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here once again!

From March 19 until the early morning of March 20, we held a Darkstalkers Resurrection All-Nighter on the Capcom Fighting Game channel—it was awesome!

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great seeing legendary players like Nuki, Akita and Sako play.

Anyway, let’s get on to this week’s topic—answering your Darkstalkers Resurrection questions!

Can you tell me how to upload videos to YouTube? (Anonymous)

Select [Replay], then [My Replay], then pick a replay from your collection of saved replays and select [Upload to YouTube]. Once the replay has finished playing, the game will ask for your YouTube account information. Enter your account details and the upload will begin.

* You will have to set up a YouTube account by yourself.

Also, we’re currently checking up on reports that you can select [Upload to YouTube] for unsaved replays, causing a bug. We’re looking into ways to fix this situation. Please make sure that you only upload saved replays to YouTube in the meantime.

Is there a way that I can save the replays from all of my different online matches? (Impressa)

These replays should be among the unsaved replay files that can be found by going to [Replay], and then [My Replays]. If you go there and save the unsaved replay files, you can upload them to YouTube.

There are times when I can’t hear the BGM during an online match. What’s going on? (Anonymous)

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing this problem—we’re looking into it now.


What does “Save State” in Training Mode do? (Anonymous)

In Training Mode, you can save states by pressing Select+Start on the PS3 or Back+Start on the 360. After you’ve saved a state, by pressing the same button combination again you can reload the “state” you were in when you first pressed the buttons. Holding down the same buttons will remove that state. For example, if you saved your state while your character was in the middle of the screen, and you carried your opponent to the edge of the screen while practicing combos, by using this function you can bring them back to the middle of the screen in an instant—it’s a very useful feature!

By the way, because Select (PS3) and Back (360) are the taunt buttons in Darkstalkers 3, your character will taunt when you save a state, but because you can only taunt up to 16 times in one round, after you’ve taunted this number of times you can save your state without this happening.

Well, that’s it for this week. Enjoy your Darkstalkers!